Hitoki Trident Raffle

March 1st 2024 - April 20th 2024

Participate in this event for a chance to win a 24k Gold Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe

General Raffle Information

  • Each raffle ticket will be $5.00.
  • The raffle starts on March 1st 2024 and will end Saturday April 20th 2024.
  • The winner will be chosen on Friday April 26th.

Raffle Rules

  • There is no limit on amount of tickets customer can purchase.
  • This raffle includes all Abby Road & Wonderland locations.
  • Tickets sold from all locations will be gathered to one location.
  • Raffle tickets winner is chosen at random.
  • Ticket(s) must be filled out entirely, if not another ticket will be pulled to determine winner.
  • The winner of the raffle will be contacted by phone, 48 hours to respond and has one week to pick up and sign for the item after response received. If there is no response to winner after 48 hours another winner will be selected.
  • Employees are allowed to participate in this raffle.

About the Hitoki Trident Laser

This device is the definition of innovation. The most notable feature is its use of a laser to ignite your herbal flower blends. How cool is that?! Leave the matches, lighters, butane & torches at the door. We're living in the future now 😎. Other features include fast USB-C charging with ~280 laser ignitions per battery cycle, 3 temperature modes, and a water chamber for smooth hits. This one of a kind device is sure to be a game changer and an awesome addition to your smoking arsenal!