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Oil Rig Multi Raffle

5 simultaneous raffles. Decide which prize you would like and purchase raffle tickets at its designated location.

Ends on August 31st 2024

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McFly Glass - Sculpted Rip Curl Rig - Blue
  • Reward Point System

    Gain points with each purchase and use them for discounts! Give us your phone number during checkout to start gaining points. With enough points, you'll be able to take $2 - $50 off your total!

  • 25 Locations!

    Abby Road is constantly expanding! We've been working hard to open various locations so you can shop for all of your favorite smoke sesh gear near and far! Take a Look!

  • Open Everyday

    Our locations are open 7 days a week, allowing you to come by whenever it's the most convenient for you. Find a location near you to check our business hours.

  • Huge Selection

    We carry a vast array of products, ranging from all of your vaping to smoking needs. Let us help you find your dream setup. Need to stock up or replace some parts? We're sure to have a solution.

  • Innovative Technologies

    This industry is always coming out with new inventions to improve your experience. Whether you want better functionality or to impress your friends, we do our best to stay on top of the newest and greatest creations.

  • Open Since 1996

    We have been striving to offer the best customer experience for over 28 years. It is our goal to make you feel welcome and taken care of. We have developed close bonds to our distributors to offer you some of the best deals in the area.

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Hand Blown Glass

Local Hand Blown Glass

Discover the artistry of our locally hand-blown glass creations. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans right in our community. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or a beautiful addition to your collection, you'll find it here. Experience the beauty of local craftsmanship and support our vibrant artisan community by exploring our hand-blown glass collection today.

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Disc Golf

Score Big on Disc Golf Gear

Elevate your disc golf experience with our curated collection of high-quality discs and accessories. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, we have everything you need to enhance your game. Explore a wide range of discs, bags, targets, and more to take your disc golfing skills to the next level.

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With no time to spare, safely flush average to high toxin levels with same-day results.

When you need to detox on your schedule, Detoxify herbal detox cleanses are designed to flush toxins indiscriminately for average, high, or maximum toxin lifestyles. Same-day herbal detox options supercharge your body's natural cleansing systems to maximize the fun and speed up your recovery.

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Vape Products

Explore the World of Vaping

Dive into the world of vaping with our extensive selection of top-quality vape products. From sleek devices to a wide range of tantalizing e-liquids, we've got your vaping needs covered. Discover a world of flavors and possibilities.

Nearly Limitless Possibilities

These are some of the categories of product that we carry

These pictures illustrate the category and do not reflect what's in stock.
  • Ash Catchers

    Ash Catchers

  • Ash Trays

    Ash Trays

  • Bangers & Bowls

    Bangers & Bowls

  • Carb Caps & Terp Beads

    Carb Caps & Terp Beads

  • Chillums


  • Cleaners


  • Dab Mats

    Dab Mats

  • Dab Straws

    Dab Straws

  • Dab Tools

    Dab Tools

  • Detox


  • Disc Golf

    Disc Golf

  • Downstems


  • Dugouts & Bats

    Dugouts & Bats

  • Grinders


  • Hand Pipes

    Hand Pipes

  • Hookahs


  • Odor Eliminators

    Odor Eliminators

  • Papers


  • Rolling Trays

    Rolling Trays

  • Scales


  • Storage


  • Torches & Lighters

    Torches & Lighters

  • Vaporizers


  • Water Pipes

    Water Pipes

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