About Us

We specialize in the smoke shop area, carrying everything you need to start your dream setup. If you prefer the old-school style, we have a wide assortment of glass pipes, screens and lighters. If butane torches and sticky messes frighten you, don't worry! We have some cool new-age tech as well!

Our many locations are run by fellow smoke-enthusiasts who strive to deliver a satisfying, friendly, and knowledgeable experience. This is a constantly evolving industry with new inventions and cool improvements always hitting the shelves. Feel free to ask questions. They are sure to guide you to your next amazing piece!

We gather product from all over the globe, but we take pride in the works of local glass artists. They have a way of adding a unique twist that you can't find anywhere else! Some works are incredibly complex and beautiful, while others can be considered more simplistic and practical. There is definitely a piece for everyone!

Abby Road Dude